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We are pleased to announce the birth of our new blog  “COFFEE INSPIRATION”.

Being a very immediate and direct communication form, Gruppo Cimbali decided to create its own blog.  On “COFFEE INSPIRATION” we will be speaking entirely about coffee, about the new trends and about our experiences, having as a goal the spread  of knowledge and the swap of ideas with experts all over the world. We will highlight the excellence in our sector (both in Italy and abroad) and we will be trying to develop topics with the precise aim of teaching and training our main reader – the Barista.

With “COFFEE ISPIRATION”, we will be stressing the importance of our closeness to this profession, which is essential for the worldwide expansion of the cafeteria sector and the continuing growth of the Espresso.

To set up and develop the blog, we invited a friend - “our Barista” Francesco Sanapo, Italian champion 2010 and 2011. He's recently been busy publicising and spreading Italian quality all over the world. With Francesco's help, we came up with this idea of a new form of direct communication with the barista, and we'll also be working with Francesco to discover the most recent trends in today's cafeteria. From our side, we put together a team of professionals, all animated by the same passion: coffee. They all love and know their work inside out, and they're motivated by a drive for information and ongoing research.

We believe that this exchange of ideas and opinions will help us to better understand the barista's world, as we will be establishing a more direct dialogue with him.
We hope our blog will become a rich container of suggestions, ideas and curiosities, shared and enriched by baristas, coffee roasters and coffee lovers the world over.  We'd really like to hear your opinion and point of view as well as those of your customers. This is why we ask you to invite baristas and coffee roasters to participate directly to the construction of our blog contents.

Come and chat to us on: